Accepted Papers(Update Time: August 29, 2018)

SSPHE11169 Xiaojuan Hu
Chinese Journalist Professional Identity in Newspapers Transition

SSPHE16818 Dan Lin; Gaohua Chen
The Evolution and Adjustment of Chinese Traditional Core Values

SSPHE18248 Yue Liu; Weiwei Du
Clinical Observation on the Efficacy of Electric Acupuncture Points with Moxibustion in Mild Cognitive Impairment

SSPHE15256 Yi Wei
Teaching Reform in Health-law Course for Chinese Public Health Students: Video-based Design for Improving Students Capability

SSPHE19272 Yumei Wang; Xia Zhang; Yumei Li
Analysis of Factors Influencing the Growth of Hi-Tech Industries Based on Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

SSPHE16482 Daoyan Guo; Hong Chen; Ruyin Long
The Cultivation Strategy of High-level Engineering Management Talents in New Energy Industries

SSPHE15301 Xiaoli Ni; Ran Qu; Xiaoyi Shao; Yangwen Geng
The Impact of Life Meaning on Life Satisfaction of Left-behind Elders in Rural China: Mediating Effect of Negative Emotion

SSPHE15122 Yanqing Wang; Bingyu Liu; Kun Zhang; Yushan Jiang; Fuquan Sun
Reviewer Assignment Strategy of Peer Assessment: Towards Managing Collusion in Self-assignment

SSPHE19323 Linghui Jin
The Flipped Classroom Approach in Calculus Teaching with Mathematics Software

SSPHE13748 Zhengge Tu; Tianyang Hu; Maoyu Zhang
Income Impact on Health and Heterogeneous Environmental Willingness to Pay

SSPHE18775 Xiaoxuan Wang; Deng Yun; Zheng Xiao
The Western Music Educational Training Mode to China-Take Italy as an Example

SSPHE18582 Jingmei Zhai; Xiao Xu; Xianwen Zeng
A Web-based Teaching Case in Basic Mechanical Experiments: Design, Application and Evaluation

SSPHE13345 Xiao Yang; Hui-Wen Tian; Shao-Yi Lin; Jie Li; Sheng-He Huang; Hong Cao
Progress in Mechanism of E.coli K1 Crossing Blood-Brain Barrier

SSPHE13971 Xinghua Lu; Xiaona Zhang; Zhixin Ma
Research on the Design Problem of University Running Characteristics Based on Strategic Management Thought

SSPHE19659 Jiayin Qu
A Defence of Utilitarian Pedagogy: Whether Education Should Focus More on Human Utilitarianism

SSPHE18079 Xiao-hua Lin; Jian-gang Wang; Xiao-hong Yuan; Wei-Yin; Chao-wei Lin
Lacquer Decoration Technology in Bag Design

SSPHE14053 Xiaoyue Li; Ling Zhang; Huairong Zhang; Ya Wen; Dou Luo; Ruixin He
Comparative Study of Domestic and Foreign Health Care Platform

SSPHE11018 Pei Cai; Fulan Chen; Huimin Qu
A Research on Artistic Values and Comprehensive Development of Pan Yu Water Color Art

SSPHE13646 Yiling Zhang; Ping Wang
The Relationship between the Degree of Urban Development and Human Happiness

SSPHE11900 Wenqing Chen; Huajian Yang
The Effective Strategies of Implementing Chinese Elective Courses in Senior High Schools

SSPHE11160 Shichen Zhang; Lijun Yu; Jun Wang; Atsushi Ueda; Changnian Wei; Jun Fang
Interactive Effect of Lifestyle, Sleep Quality and Depressive Symptoms, A Questionnaire Study of Retired Workers in A Medium-sized City of Northeastern China

SSPHE17050 Quanhong Jiang; Qixin Wang
Research on Gender Equality and Equities Protection

SSPHE14966 Jiajie Dai; Shuixing Yu
Subjective Aspects in the Process of Administrative Penalty

SSPHE17260 Jie-hui Yang; Sheng Lv
The Identification of Rape in the Gender Perspective

SSPHE14513 Jiehui Yang; Fangli Yin
Exploration of Gender Equality Consciousness in Law Education

SSPHE15704 Ying Li
Research on Reform of Graphic Techniques for Civil Engineering Courses Based on Outcome Based Education

SSPHE11963 Ze Liu; Zhenhua Wei
Research on Chinese College Students’ Using Behavior towards E-learning Services Based on Improved TAM Model

SSPHE13918 Long Xue; Lin Zhai; Chen Guo; Shan Ma; Bingzhi Wan; Xueting Li; Jiaojiao Li; Gongbing Shan and Bingjun Wan
Acute Effects of a Single Bout of High-Intensity Training on the Mood among Adolescent Athletes

SSPHE11705 Xiaohui Yang
The Prediction of Gold Price Using ARIMA Model

SSPHE19905 Irina L. Pervova; Vyacheslav Kelasev
Self-organization of Society and the Mechanisms of its Functioning

SSPHE19220 Qiuzhong Ou
Study on the Integration of Curriculum

SSPHE11608 Chunmiao Liu
Research on Teaching Development Path of Clinical Teachers under the Background of Synergy Medical Education

SSPHE11192 Yingqin Zhang; Meng Wang
Regional Education Inequality in China under Marx’s View of Justice

SSPHE16412 Jin Hong; Zhi-Hai Lu
Cerebral Microbleeds via Discrete Wavelet Transform and Back Propagation Neural Network

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