The Third International Conference on Social Science Public Health and Education (SSPHE2019)

Xiamen, China

November 26-28, 2019

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Accepted papers

SSPHE22887Xin Wang; Guang Yu; You Peng
Research on Dynamic Business Process Modeling of E-Government System Based on Extended ECA Rules

SSPHE25562Shen Li; Changle Zhang; Ke Zhang; Jumin Song
The Role of Cystatin C and Albumin in the Differential Diagnosis of Primary Chronic Glomerulonephritis and Hypertension-induced Renal Injury

SSPHE27223Xuyi Guo; Xiaolan Luo; Xinzhu Xiang; Qiangwei Yan
Exploration and Practice of a New Way of Practical Education for College Students

SSPHE29122Longyan Tan; Quanhong Jiang; Mei Sun
Research on the Legislation of Homosexuality in China

SSPHE29537Yuran Jiang; Quanhong Jiang; Mei Sun
Comparative Study on the Cultivation of Innovation Ability between Chinese and American Undergraduates

SSPHE24142Ziang Chen; Quanhong Jiang; Mei Sun
Reflections on the Reform of College English in China

SSPHE27405Haoyuan Zhang; Quanhong Jiang
Diversification? Unification? Thoughts on the Development of Dialects

SSPHE29684Xuyang Guo; Quanhong Jiang
Research on the Reform of Chinese College Entrance Examination System

SSPHE24191Mingrui Ding; Quanhong Jiang
Research on Family Education in China’s Rural Area

SSPHE23946Tao Gao; Zhaoyun Sun; Xingle Feng
Teaching Research based on Case Scenario for Multi-mode Assessment Program Design Course

SSPHE22235Ge He
Study on the Development of Modern Animal Husbandry in Xinjin County

SSPHE22901Dongmei Li
On the Construction of Cloud Warehousing in Grain Circulation

SSPHE29928Quanen Guo; Danli Luo; Hanyu Peng
Evaluation on Tourism Developing Potential and Modes of Revolutionary Base Area in Jiangxi

SSPHE27839Peng Wang; Bin Lu; Chuhan Yu
Research on the influence of Internet development level on community education in China based on the panel data analysis of Beijing and Shanghai from 2009 to 2016

SSPHE28874Lei Dai
Cultural Transfer in Political Publicity Interpreting

SSPHE24948Hongshe Dang
Exploration of Practical Education Pattern from Multi Approach

SSPHE28791Lijun Tang
A Corpus-based Study on Chunk Patterns of Chinese Hotel English Introductions

SSPHE27201Yuehua Chen; Qiuhong Fan
On the Design Strategy and Value of Cultivating Integrity Behavior in Characterized Moral Education Games

SSPHE23851Wei Lin
Re-appealing the Case of Unjust Enrichment and Its Dilemma and Resolution

SSPHE21870Gerson Joni Fischer
Beyond Neuroscience Cognitivism: Criticism of Substance and Structural Dualisms

SSPHE25576Lei Li
Opportunities and Challenges in Developing All-English Teaching of Materials Major in Chinese Universities

SSPHE26086Chengfeng Sun; Qianqian Huang
Combination of course teaching and practical teaching in Mathematical Analysis

SSPHE25196Xingrun Shen; Ruiqiang Ma; Shanjun Zhang
VR Rehabilitation System by Interest Induction

SSPHE24195Yue Zhao
Constructing the Exclusionary Rule of Illegal Evidence in China

SSPHE28265Jian-Qin MA
Considerations in the Preparation for Teaching Tunnel Engineering

SSPHE29928Quanen Guo; Danli Luo; Hanyu Peng
Evaluation on Tourism Developing Potential and Modes of Revolutionary Base Area in Jiangxi

SSPHE28863Tiantian; Huabin Wang
The essence of brand - relationship based on innovation Zhang

SSPHE24727Dongmei Bi; Liang Qiao; Lijun Zhao; Yupeng Li; Shujie Liu; Xiaoying Hu
Research on Modular Teaching of College Physics Based on SPOC Platform in Application-oriented University

SSPHE24929Guonian Wang; Min Jiang
Translating China’s Public Signs into Good English: A Perspective of Linguistic Landscape

SSPHE28471Zhuozhuo Yang; Yuan Liu
A Novel Platform for Controlling Outsourcing Quality of a Complex Product

SSPHE22087Junfeng Xu
Abell's "Fair Development Model" and Its Enlightenment

SSPHE29711Dongjie Zhou; Zezhi Zheng
Research on the Association Relationship between Type-of-words of Monosyllabic Word in the Modern Chinese

SSPHE26116Ning Ma; Yongtian Yu; Guang Yu; Dan Shang; Xiao Yu
Modeling and Analysis on the Popularity Accumulation Process of Corporate Emergencies on Social Media

SSPHE26310Xiaolin Xue
Students’ Perceptions of Teachers' Motivational Strategies in English Classes

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